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Welcome to our Youth page! Youth at Cedarville is the backbone of our ministry. This is the age where they start to not only apply what they learned in kid’s church but begin to share it with others through their actions and words. Sharing the gospel is much more than telling people the Bible story of Jesus. The world needs to see the effects of the Gospel and how it can change a life. These pre-teen and teenage years are so influential and we want to provide you with a foundation that cannot be shaken! 


Our youth group is open to everyone of age! We understand that everyone has a different background and level of relationship with Jesus Christ. Some may be hearing about Jesus for the first time while others may have grown up in the church. Our leaders are ready to build relationships and meet everyone on their level to provide them what they need. 


Follow this page for music suggestions, quick 5-Minute Bible studies for on the go lessons, and ways to keep plugged in. If you have any topics you want to understand better, are struggling with something, or suggestions for a study, let us know! We are here for you and want to provide content that is applicable to your life!

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