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Cedarville Assembly of God was established in 1926 in the Cheltenham area of Prince Georges county.

The church moved to it's present location in the 50's and acquired more property to accommodate expansion with the building of a new structure in 1974. The property consists of about 7 acres and includes two church buildings, a small private cemetery and a private residence

The Church is affiliated with The Assemblies of God and has enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship.

Both World and U.S. missions are supported through the prayers, participation and financial support of the church, we believe missions is the Heart of God.

Expansion and development of ministries and the cultivation of relationships in an effort to further the Gospel in our community and beyond is a top priority as we look to the future.

Our Pastor's, George and Irene Dearborn joined us in August of 2013.

George is a Graduate of the University of Valley Forge. Irene is a Graduate of the University of Maine. Together they have Two married daughters and four awesome grandchildren!

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