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cedarville-assembly-of-god-1966In the summer of 1924 Mr. Gus Cramer gained permission from Mr. Samuel Tippett to hold services in an abandoned church in Cedarville, of which Mr. Tippett was the only living trustee. There was not much success that first summer. He tried again the summer of 1925, again without much success, so he went to the Assemblies for help. Read more

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1895 planning map for "Brandywine City" in Prince Georges County.

1895 planning map for "Brandywine City" in Prince Georges County.

The Grace Methodist Episcopal Church North, now part of Cedarville Assembly of God complex, is located at 11600 Cedarville Road in Brandywine. The church is an excellent example of a late-nineteenth-century Gothic Revival-style church. The modest one-story, one-bay main black construction was constructed in 1879 to serve a small congregation in rural Brandywine and Cedarville. The building expanded in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as the congregation grew larger. Located in a rural setting, the church was an important community gathering place on Cedarville Road. The building retains sufficient integrity to convey the characteristics for which it is significant. Read more